Here are just a few of our project installations for a wide range of air pollution control applications. We hope you find this list helpful in reaching your own pollution solution.

School Woodworking Room

A VibraClean model VC24VW at a school woodworking room.

Plasma Fumes

apcInfra Side Removal Cartridge Series Dust Collector model SRC4-2 installed to extract plasma fumes.

Galvanising Kettle Fumes

A complete turn-key solution for galvanising fume extraction included a PulseAir model PA260 with extraction stack.

Laboratory Scrubbers

Multiple high efficiency Acid Fume Scrubbers installed at a mine site analytical laboratory.

Fire Assay Furnace Hoods

Suspended hoods for extraction of lead oxide fumes from Cupel furnaces.

Splitter Benches

Workbenches with fitted extraction hoods, for everything from Riffle splitters through general product handling to welding fumes.

Mine Site: SRC 4-2 Dust Collector Installation

Side Removal  Cartridge Collector model SRC4-2 at a mine site. This unit is fitted to a sample prep laboratory and is fitted with a full acoustic enclosure for the fan – a stunningly low 63dB(A) noise level.

Cement Dust

Air slides installed to transfer cement dust.

Mine Site: Fire Assay Fume

An apcInfra Side Removal Cartridge Series Collector, model SRC8-2, installed on a mine site for removal of fire assay fumes containing Litharge (lead) and co-mingled with pulverised rock dust. 

Central Vacuum System

The Central Vacuum System installed at a gold and copper ore processing concentrator plant. 

Cement Dust

An apcInfra Side Removal Pleated Bag Series Dust Collector model SRPB36  was installed to extract cement dust at a major cement works. 

Belt Conveying

Belt Conveyors were supplied and installed to convey crushed rock dust from a number of machines to an external collection point.

High Speed Laboratory Drying Oven

Specialised stainless lined high temperature drying ovens installed for sample drying. Large ovens, each have eighteen trolley capacity and high speed turn around.

School Woodworking

apcInfra VibraClean model VC30V dust extractor installed to extract woodwork fines. 

Laboratory Sample Prep Collector

PulseAir model PA43 in transit to a laboratory for screening of agricultural dust samples.

Woodworking and Kiln Drying

High Efficiency Cyclone model CY750 was installed to extract saw dust fines.

High temperature air  was transferred via apcInfra ‘therma-lag’ ducting.

Fine Sand Dust Extraction

An apcInfra PulseAir model PA224 was installed to extract fine sand dust generated in material transfer.

High temperature air was also extracted from process dryers through an apcInfra Cyclone.

Mine Site: Screening Circuit And Conveyor Venting

A major cartridge collector supplied for a screening circuit.

Various insertable collectors were also supplied for conveyor interchange venting.

Odour Dispersion

20mtr high stacks  were installed above a building roofline to disperse odours.

Various Duct Installations

Capped Exhaust Stacks from Muffle Furnaces.

Sample preparation laboratory – with both a central vacuum system and also general dust extraction.

Fire Assay system ducting.