Spare Parts


Rotary Valvesrotary.png

Our Rotary Airlock Feeders are for materials ranging from granules to super fine powders. Drive types include chain and sprocket and gear reduction as standard.  

They are also available as standard pocket feed, blow through style, specialised bore, rubber tipped and DIP etc.  


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Diaphragm Valves

A full range of valves and bulkhead connectors  are available, from 20mm (¾ inch) to 65mm (2 ½ inch), with remote or fitted solenoids, and all spare parts. 




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Solenoid Valves

A full range of solenoids are available for gas or fluid, with all electrical ratings and all spare parts. 

Filters and Cages

A full range of filters and support cages are available for most common manufacturers’ dust collectors. 

Pulse Timer Controls

Standard, On-Demand and Non-Standard Pulse Timer Controls are available. Specialised  enclosures for DIP etc are also available.  Boards are available separately.

Soft Starters

Available from 5.5kW to 30kW as standard units. They come complete with integrated control latching systems for use either with shaker dust collectors or  reverse pulse units and include automatic and  manual functions for cleaning. 

Airline Filtration

An integral component of any dust extraction system is the airline filtration. If the compressed air supply is not filtered correctly, filter life can be dramatically shortened. For selection and fitting of the correct appliances for your system, contact us for assistance.

We have a full range of spares available.