Other Collectors

Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers remove dust particles by capturing them in liquid droplets or remove pollutant gases by dissolving or absorbing them into the liquid.

We offer a full range of wet scrubbers from PP through FRP and SS construction, venturi and impingement styles. Our scrubbers are used for process applications and also laboratory fume extraction. 

De-Dusting Systems (Turn-Key Projects)

When a dust collector is combined with a piping system, it becomes a De-Dusting system. 

APC designs, manufactures and installs full De-Dusting Systems, including the dust collector, associated fan, capture hoods and all pipe work. 

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems

A full range of Central Vacuum Pumps and associated  Filter Units are available, from 7.5kW through to 220kW.

We also construct complete systems, as well as supplying accessories. System lengths vary from a few metres to several kilometres of piping.

Manifold Systems for Plant Wide Cleaning

Central Piping Systems are available for all Central Vacuum Systems, providing complete versatility. Components are available in either welded or flanged and modular construction. 

On a Production line, a manifold system can clean residue material from moulds, pick up chips or spills etc. Inlets can be adapted to production machinery such as cutting heads etc.  

An intercept hopper can be used to reclaim collected material. Most material drops out of the air stream into the hopper. Dust and fines continue upstream and are collected at the "Power Head".

A manifold system is ideal for cleaning out several rail cars, trucks or barges at the same time.

12. Products_Cyclone.jpgCyclone Separator

The purpose of a Cyclone Separator is to separate solids (dust) from gases (air sucked in). Most centrifugal separators which remove particles from gases do not contain any moving parts in them.  

The unit normally consists of a design using a cylinder with a cone at the base of the cylinder, with an inlet near the top, and an outlet at the bottom of the cone. The incoming air containing the dust travels inwards into the vortex in the chamber, and with the centrifugal force that is developed, moves the particles down into the base of the cone, where it then falls into the hopper or waste receptacle below. 

We have a huge range of cyclones available, from 300mm diameter to 3mtr diameter. 

Available in standard configuration, rubber lined, ceramic lined, or other as required.    

See more on Cyclone Separators here.

Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Our range of portable vacuum cleaners can collect dry or wet substances, liquids or solids. Flameproof and HEPA models are also available for hazardous environments.  


From 0.9kW up to 15kW

From 100m3/hour to 1100m3/hour

From 1500mm to 3050mm negative pressure

Standard units or custom to your requirements.