About Us

At apcInfra, we specialise in extraction & materials handling equipment. Our emphasis is on using a holistic approach in effectively solving pollution, product transfer and other issues. 

We are committed to providing great customer service and top quality products and services and adhering to Australian Pollution Control regulations.

Our client base is extensive, covering all industry sectors, such as:

  • Education
  • Military & Defence
  • Industial Manufacturing
  • Food Manufacturing/Handling (Food Manufacturing, Grain Handling, Flour, Sugar etc)
  • Energy Industry (Oil & Gas, Power Generation)
  • Mining & Minerals processing (gold, alumina, iron, copper, etc)

In forming the most effective solution for our clients, we utilise our products and key partners to offer extensive and effective range of Australian designed and built equipment.

Equipment maintenance is always a high priority, as is the availability of suitable spare parts. We cater for nearly all known brands of dust and fume control equipment.